Auditing For Fraud

(One of the most popular presentations) In this fast moving presentation the following subjects are discussed and illustrated with many examples from cases I have been involved with and a few I have not:  Personal Attributes of A Fraud Auditor; Common Myths About Fraud; Reasons Auditors Fail to Detect Fraud; How Society Often Encourages Fraud; Procurement Fraud and Related Deterrents; Who Commits Fraud; How Does Management Participate In Fraud; Reactions By Our Profession and Congress; Detection of Fraud; The Five Step Approach To Fraud Detection; The Primary Goals in Developing A Fraud Case Once You Discover It; Examination Methodology; To Catch A Thief Think Like One; Detection of Fraud Takes Good Hard Work Such As; Profile of a Person Who Commits Fraud (Look In the Mirror); Hiring An Honest Employee (Or Does Management Really Care); Common Types of Fraud; Fraud Warning Signals (Red Flags); The Ten Commandments of Detecting Fraud

Eight Hours