Participant Comments From Previous Presentations:

"Very beneficial.  Makes you question everything and trust nothing."

"Dennis' knowledge is hands on, not theory."

"I got information from this session I can use immediately in my job."

"Usually governmental A&A CPE = BORING (try to not fall asleep & snore when you are sitting next to the boss) BUT Dennis was great!  I would go see him again.  Excellent CPE."

"The best governmental I have ever had!"

"One of the best, if not THE best fraud courses I have attended. Kudos to Dennis for his excellent speaking skills."

"Another home run for Dycus."

"Simply the best I've ever heard."

"Great course.  Every auditor should be required to take this course."

"His knowledge of both accounting practices and auditing techniques are hard to find in one person."

"Mr. Dycus; he has walked the walk and talked the talk."

"One of the better instructor I have ever had; I would consider him one of the top; he makes the boring stuff interesting."

"First A&A Conference where I wasn't bored to tears!  Great job!"

"This was, without a doubt, the best governmental conference and I have been attending for over 10 years.  Dycus did a great job."

"This is the second time I have attended a CPE course presented by Dennis.  I really   appreciated his desire to present well-prepared courses that are both educational and  enjoyable."

"Excellent speaker who was extremely knowledgeable and had the rare talent of presenting generally dry material in an exciting way."

"Mr. Dycus was very entertaining; Makes a complex issue simple, and does not try to speak over your head.  Forces you to use common sense which is hard to teach."

"Dennis brought fraud to life and is on top of his game."

"Mr. Dycus was the most interesting speaker I have had at CPE training."

"Extremely informative.  If all CPA's shared Mr. Dycus' sense of ethics and passion for "doing the right thing" there probably would not have been Enron, Worldcom, etc.!"

"Exceptional speaker. I always love hearing his presentations. Thanks for putting quality CPE in the Tri-Cities area."

"Southern comfort presentation that will leave you sleeping with one eye open to see who is stealing your money."
"Dennis D = Practical, logical, methodical, excellent explanations.  Hes like the Colombo of fraud examiners."
How can I help you get the word out about how good this course was?  Head and shoulders above the ***** courses, especially considering cost and location.
He is the very best of the best.  He could teach a course on auto mechanics and I would attend.  Great CPE!

One of the best speakers I have heard.  In fact, while he was speaking, I looked up his schedule to see if I could register for more of his classes later in the year.  Please bring him back next year!

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